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About Us

About Us:

I have sewn and crocheted since I was around 8 years old.

I was asked by my daughter, Heaven, a co-owner with her husband Jon of if I could make a cinch tube hat for them to sell to customers. It took me a while to make my own pattern with a cinch tie that could tighten the tube to size around dreadlocks, long hair on even a bun. I made the pattern about March 2016. I found they sold well during the fall and winter months. I made some out of lighter weight yarn for the summer and spring. The cinch tube hats were handmade, and people liked the versatility. They could be worn as a cinch tube, folded and used as a hairband and even pulled down and worn as a scarf. All products are made in a smoke and pet free area.

We expanded CountryMadeUSA on the internet April 30, 2016.

I decided to add products and made pocket purses, purses, and farmer’s market bags. I made products that people were interested in when I used them.

My husband, Manny owns and made the logo and website for countrymadeUSA. Together we make labels, business cards and even a fabric label that could be sewn into the bag or purse. Manny does all the photographs for the products and then edits them to look great for the website.

When the last of our seven children left home in 2015, we realized we could move back to the country where we loved the slower paced life and could have farm animals and gardens if we wanted. So, the name countrymadeUSA came about.

I started a blog called Susan’s Country Life January 25, 2015 where you can read more about us if you’re interested.

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